The rebranding process is fun and exciting, but it’s also challenging and technical. It’s more than just choosing new colors and new fonts; everything is on the table, from choosing the right partner and collaborating successfully to determining your brand image.

Join us, along with guest speaker Justin Ahrens, Chief Evangelist from Rule29. He’ll walk us through Lytho’s experience of joining two organizations and rebranding into one. He will cover the full rebranding process, from the challenges and objectives, to collaboration with your chosen partner in order to successfully become a new, unified brand.

You'll Learn

The steps to take in a rebranding.

The team, tools and technology you need to rebrand. 

Clear, actionable steps you can take to successfully rebrand in a tight timeframe.




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Date: Thursday, February 24th, 2022
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Colors, Gradients + Usage

Misuse of Logo

Usage of fonts

Correct usage of Fonts

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Our Guest Speaker

Justin Ahrens

Chief Evangelist, Rule29

What will be covered?

You'll learn about how to work with your partner in setting up your brand, including how to define your colors, gradients and how they should be used, misuse of your logo and how to define how your fonts should be used.

About The Webinar